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131 | How to setup books for Real Estate Investors with Nick Baldo

In this interview episode, I’m chatting with Nick Baldo, Real Estate Investor & Online Educator, about how bookkeeping needs to be setup and the various nuances of real estate investment businesses. As a bonus at the end, we chat about his Youtube strategy.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • Biggest mistake real estate bookkeepers make
  • 3 things to make sure you do when bookkeeping for real estate
  • why the balance sheet is so important for real estate investors
  • bonus: content marketing with youtube tips
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Meet Nick

Nick Baldo is a real estate investor, home builder and online educator. Nick left his six-figure consulting job to pursue a life of entrepreneurship. While building his investing portfolio and remodeling businesses, he began to develop processes and systems to help his businesses grow and scale. He eventually started sharing his strategies with likeminded business owners via YouTube and one-on-one coaching. Nick currently runs his online education business, Income Digs, to help Real Estate Investors and their Bookkeepers leverage technology so that they can live of a life of freedom and purpose. Nick lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife, Meghan and his daughter Juliet (soon to be two daughters!).

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