The Ambitious Bookkeeper Podcast 

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144 | Breakaway from the old Franchise model with Shea + Michelle

Apr 17, 2024

143 ⎸ Retirement Planning with Matt Ruttenberg

Apr 10, 2024

141 ⎸ [Q&A] Podcast Interviewing for Bookkeepers

Mar 27, 2024

The Ambitious Bookkeeper podcast is for bookkeepers & accountants who are growing or aspiring to start their own business. Our mission is to elevate the bookkeeping profession by providing support and resources for new firm owners.We share actionable tips on running a bookkeeping business, tools and resources, plus guest expert interviews that will help you elevate your business.


Podcast Host: Serena Shoup, CPA

Serena is a busy mom of three—a CPA on a bold mission to mentor and empower bookkeepers and accountants to leave behind the stress of their 9–5 to pursue the life of their dreams.