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Our Run Like Clockwork Journey Update—Stage 2

workflow Dec 20, 2020

This is the second in a series of posts. To read the Intro & Stage 1 of our Run Like Clockwork Journey, click here.

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Stage 2: The QBR or "Queen Bee Role"

It’s time for a check in. It’s been about 6 months (WOW!) since I started implementing clockwork in my firm. Last week I took you back to the beginning and how I started on this journey. Read it first if you haven't already!

In my first post, I had just done a time analysis and determined what my 4D mix was (Doing, Deciding, Delegating, Designing). We also determined that I was working about 20 hours in my firm. )

I haven’t done a full on time analysis recently (so I’m due) but I can almost guarantee that I’m not working 20 hours a week—both businesses combined. Especially in the last two months. I might have had times when I was, but I’ve definitely been feeling a lot less stressed lately, and my team is starting to take a lot over. If this is where you want to be, it's possible. Keep reading.

...figure out the thing that determines your success in your business. The thing that must be protected at all costs.

Let's get to the update. After determining the 4D mix, you’re supposed to determine the QBR—or Queen Bee Role. This one was sort of difficult for me. You have to read the book, really, but basically, you are supposed to figure out the thing that determines your success in your business. The thing that must be protected at all costs. 

At first, I thought it was bookkeeping. But in my firm, bookkeeping isn’t what people are paying me for. Hear me out. Yes, they’re paying for bookkeeping, but what they’re really after is a transformation, or relief of some sort.  

Our core focus/purpose at our firm (soon to have a fresh new name & look) is making sure our clients understand their numbers, so they can grow and have massive impact. It actually took me almost this whole past 6 months to figure this out. And maybe Mike would say… Na, you still don’t have it right, but hey… he says it’s “the action that supports your brand promise” so I think I’m still on track.  

In order to make sure our clients understand their numbers, meeting with our clients and having discussions with them is how we achieve it. It’s also our competitive edge. Therefore, I believe that is the role to be protected, ultimately: The Client Manager. In order to protect this role, everyone strives to complete work on time and accurately.

What actually helped me flesh this out was reading (er… listening) to Traction by Gino Wickman. Once I figured out our Core Focus/Purpose, I realized that that was directly tied to the QBR. 

Am I the one who currently serves the QBR? Yes. BUT I’m in the process of training my Client Manager to start taking over, and I’ll slowly back off and focus on Sales & Marketing.

So that’s STAGE 2 in Run Like Clockwork. The QBR.  For now I'm the Queen Bee, but that's soon to be someone else, and I'm pretty excited about it.

I encourage you to figure out what your true focus/purpose is in your firm, and work to protect it and serve it.  Also known as your Promise. And it doesn’t have to be just like mine, if you thing isn’t meeting with clients. Maybe it’s 100% Audit Proof Books. Maybe it’s Tax Savings.  When you figure it out, let me know. I’d also love to hear if you’ve read Run Like Clockwork yet.

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