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78 ⎸ Core Values to Run Your Business On

This week on the podcast I have my right hand gal & resident leadership coach, Meriah. We talk all about core values, mission, and vision for your business as a way to build the culture (and business) you want to have.

Even if you don’t plan on having a large team (or a team at all), this work is still imperative.

It took me years to nail down my Vision, Mission, and Values, and truth be told, they’ll likely continue to morph. But Woweeeeee has this helped us build an A-team! ✨

And I’m so freakin grateful for the culture we’ve built.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • how we’re doing it
  • a sneak peak of our actual vision & mission of the firm
  • and as I’m writing this list I’m not sure we actually shared our core values but you can find them HERE.

Listen to the full audio here


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