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Episode 75: How to Leverage Your Expertise with Sabrina Parsons, CEO of LivePlan

I interview the CEO of LivePlan and we chat about work-life balance as a mom, discussions to have with clients, and how LivePlan can help support those discussions.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • the mindset shift Sabrina had to make as CEO of a company and mom to little kids
  • a piece of advice that would help any bookkeeper add more value to you clients (it’s not even advisory!)
  • features on the roadmap for LivePlan
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Sabrina Parsons

Sabrina Parsons is CEO of Palo Alto Software, and developer of the best-selling business management software, LivePlan. Palo Alto Software, with headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, develops software and tools specifically targeted at entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Palo Alto Software employs over 70 employees and gives all employees paid maternity and paternity leave, supports a generous short-term disability policy, and focuses on employee benefits that honor and respect their employees’ whole lives. Sabrina assumed the CEO role in May 2007.

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