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155 ⎸ [RE-AIR] Onboarding With Dubsado with Kendra Courtney


The onboarding phase with your clients can set the tone and expectations for the entire client relationship. On today’s podcast episode I’m interviewing Dubsado expert, Kendra Courtney, who has helped me and countless other bookkeepers and accountants with setting up their Onboarding workflows using Dubsado.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • How to capture lead information
  • Information you should have on your proposals
  • When the best time is to implement a system like Dubsado for onboarding

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Listen to the full audio here 


🎧 Or listen on our website here  ambitiousbookkeeper.com/podcast

Meet Kendra

Dubsado Pro, and the girl who’s always asking “can we make a system for this?”

Because I know that life and business have a bunch of ‘need to-dos,’ but also ‘don’t-want-to-dos,’ I make a system for almost everything so I have peace of mind that what needs to be done, will be done (the most efficiently too!) Like going for a run at 5pm every evening (never missing the South African sunset-y golden hour!)

As your Dubsado Pro, I’ll make a system for your business too, so all of your to-dos are streamlined.

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