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106 ⎸ [NICHE] Bookkeeping for Female Real Estate Investors with Randy Ballen

marketing Jul 11, 2023

In this interview episode I talk with the owner of a niche firm called REI Bookkeeping Babes—a firm that specializes in helping female real estate investors. We talk about her marketing strategies, pricing, and so much more!

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • when Randy got started with bookkeeping
  • how she found her first niche & transitioned to the one she’s in now
  • marketing strategies she’s used
  • secrets to her success
Resources mentioned in this episode:

Listen to the full audio here


🎧 Or listen on our website here ambitiousbookkeeper.com/podcast

About Randy

Randy Ballen has been a bookkeeping professional for over 15 years. She opened her original firm, Ballen Bookkeeping, over 5 years ago and in January of 2022 partnered with another bookkeeping firm to create a joint venture of REI Bookkeeping Babes. She also has a real estate investing business and recently started a nonprofit to address housing insecurity in vulnerable populations. She’s really passionate about lifting women up and empowering them to go after their biggest and best dreams. She has a 35 year old son and a wonderful daughter-in-law and lives in sunny Florida. She loves all the Arts, music and dancing most of all.

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