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The Ambitious Bookkeeper Podcast is LIVE!

podcast Jun 30, 2021

First off, welcome along the ride on a new journey. I hope this makes my content more accessible for everyone and easy to digest. The Ambitious Bookkeeper Podcast is now live, and you can subscribe wherever you listen!

Below is the transcript of our trailer episode. Enjoy!

[00:00:00] Hey, and welcome to the ambitious bookkeeper podcast. I'm Serena Shoup, I'm a CPA, a mom of three, and I'm running a virtual bookkeeping business. Mostly from my home. You're in the right place. If you're a bookkeeper accountant or an accounting student, and you know that your purpose is a lot bigger than sitting in a cubicle.

If you're ready to learn some actionable tips and strategies to help you start and grow a bookkeeping or accounting business, stick around.

All right. So here's my story. I worked in corporate for over 10 years and I worked my way up to the highly coveted six figure salary and controller position. [00:01:00] I managed a team of 10 other accountants and bookkeepers and AP clerks.

And I'd actually wanted to start my firm since nearly the beginning of my career, but I always felt that I needed more experience my CPA, et cetera. And it wasn't until I was pregnant with my second daughter in real. Yeah, I'm never coming back. I'm going to make it work and I'm going to start my own business.

And so I did, when my baby was about a year, I started my firm, but more like a freelance bookkeeper side hustle to motherhood, even after so many years of corporate experience, I still had a lot to learn. But not about what you think. And that is what this podcast is going to be all about. Uh, how to run a business, like a business, not a side hustle or as a freelancer, even if you are still in that zone, it really pays to look forward and think a little bit.

And it took me over a year to get my sea legs or my business [00:02:00] owner legs, if you will. And when I look back at what I did over that first year, I decided that others needed the information that I had because I had seen all the same questions that I had. All over the place in Facebook groups and all of that.

I had figured so much out and wanted to help people also make the leap. So I started the ambitious bookkeeper blog as a second blog on my firm website. And I'll be making a few of those original blog posts into podcasts because some of us just prefer to listen and read. And I promised to add a little extra on the podcast and update outdated examples, but you still have the blog tree for back to if there's anything visual.

Here’s why I decided to start a podcast instead of just continuing the blog. Yes, it has been done before. Yes. There are other accounting podcasts that you can tune into. However, there are very few that are led by women [00:03:00] and also very few that are led by someone in my shoes or your shoes that has a lot going on at home and wants to know that there is actually a possibility of doing this.

So here's what you can expect on the podcast, new content on actional, actionable tips, and how to start and grow your business, how to manage your workflows mindset shifts you might need to do. Interviews with guests, experts, not always accountants; star student spotlights, because I do mentor other bookkeepers and accountants.

And on-air coaching calls with those other bookkeepers. I'm super excited to bring all of this to you. I might even do some client spotlight interviews. So you get a perspective from the business owner side of things. And of course, behind the scenes of taking a solo practice to a six figure firm and beyond God willing and so much more.

I have huge [00:04:00] plans for my firm. I have huge plans for the ambitious bookkeeper, brand. And I'm so glad that you're coming along for the ride. I would love it if you subscribe to the podcast, wherever you're listening to this, you can catch it on pretty much any pod catcher and tell a friend if you know of anyone in the accounting industry.

Even if they don't think they want to start their own business, I would love if you shared it with others that, you know, have a little bit of that itch to go out on their own in might just not be ready yet. Follow me on Instagram @ambitiousbookkeeper also on LinkedIn, Serena Shoup and Facebook, of course The Ambitious Bookkeeper with Serena Shoup CPA, and I will see you next week. Same time, same place.




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