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Episode 91: Building Friendships as an Entrepreneur with Rita Hallaveld

leadership mindset Mar 28, 2023

In this special interview episode, I have my sister on the podcast! She’s a a former social worker and relationship therapist-turned-coach here to talk about building a strong inner circle of friends.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • why strong friendships are important for entrepreneurs
  • how to be intentional about building relationships
  • how to manage capacity & boundaries in business (and your personal life!)
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Rita

A former social worker and relationship therapist-turned-coach, Rita is passionate about helping other women and entrepreneurs deepen their connections to others. As a mom and entrepreneur with over a decade in the field of mental health counseling, she's seen how critical it is to have a circle of emotionally intimate friends. She has many hobbies and passion projects centered around building strong communities and enjoying the outdoors.

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