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Episode 76: Being Present is the Most Profitable Thing You Can Do with Katie Fleming

I interview Katie Fleming, an intuitive business coach, and we talk about how your presence is the most profitable thing you can do, how to bridge your life with your business, and the number one thing you can do to level up in your business.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • why radical responsibility is important to your success
  • looking at things objectively to find the meaning
  • what the "both and" life is all about
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming is the founder of the Ambitious Mom® Brand. She is known for Profitable Presence and what she calls the “BOTH AND LIFE”. This is her unique ability to build a wildly successful and profitable business empire & a family legacy at the SAME TIME and her deep belief that we don’t have to choose “either or” but we can choose the “both and life” and have it all, NOW. No delay required. From the beginning of her journey she had a Divine Intuition leading her to be BOTH the CEO of a global brand AND the leader and partner on the Homefront leading the legacy within her family and own four walls. BOTH AND. Early on the phrase “pursue your calling both in and out of your home” led her brand and led her evolution BOTH personally AND professionally. Today, her community of ambitious heart centered entrepreneurs are creating impactful and revolutionary businesses that are changing the world while also changing the world within the stewarding of our homes. More joy More income More impact More moments More memories Come experience the BOTH AND LIFE and all that awaits you when you ditch the way it’s been and discover the WAY THAT’S MEANT FOR YOU. Let’s do this thing.

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