5 Things Needed to start a Bookkeeping Business

There are really only 5 things you need to start your own bookkeeping or accounting business.

💠 Accounting or bookkeeping experience is a given...⠀

💠 They aren’t apps, software, or tools (although those help too). ⠀

💠 There’s no certification to study for (you likely already have that). ⠀

But it does take practice and stepping up your inner game. ⠀

My business drastically changed once I installed these 5 beliefs. Yup, beliefs.

  1. Believe you can start a business 

    You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

    Don’t start a business because it’s “cool” or because anyone tells you you should. Do it because you want to and you believe you can

    If you’re like me and a total rebel, it might help for someone to tell you that you can’t start a business—just so you can go prove them wrong. 

    Otherwise, steer clear of the naysayers. Surround yourself with people who also believe in you. 

    So tell me… do you believe you can start and run a business? 

    Accountants and bookkeepers have a leg up. We really do. Not knowing how to look at the numbers and keep up with record keeping is a common reason for business failures. You’re ahead of the game, my dear. 

  2. Believe you have the knowledge and expertise to support other businesses

    If you have bookkeeping and accounting experience or education, you DO have the knowledge and expertise to serve other businesses on some level. 

    You don’t have to have ALL of the knowledge and expertise. Yes, you will learn more and more with each client you work with. And if you don’t know the answers you will know how to find them. 

    But you do have to believe you have something to offer. 

    I know you do, so what is it? What do you bring to the table? What problems do you solve? 

  3. Believe you can have a business AND a family 

    I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s easy running a household and a business. Even with a partner/husband/help. 

    But it is possible, and think of the example you’re setting for your kids when you do it. 

    You’ll get good at letting things go that aren’t all that important [like the dishes for a night].

    And you’ll start to find ways to be more efficient [like outsourcing things that take you too long or aren’t your zone of genius—in the home and your business].

    You’ll ditch the saying “work life balance” and start saying “work life integration” ‘cause that’s what it is. 

    What’s the first thing you’re going to outsource at home when you start making enough money? 

  4. Believe you were meant for more and can create it on your terms

    You were created for more than sitting in a cubicle and working 40+ hours a week, then getting in a car and having a crappy commute. 

    You are here to serve multiple small businesses with the expertise you gained by working in that cubicle. 

    You are here to show your kids that mom can be CEO/CFO of the home AND her own company. 

    You were meant to create all of this on your own terms. Want to work less than 30 hours a week? Want to skip the commute and work in your robe and slippers? 

    What does “creating it on your own terms” mean to you? 

  5. Believe you can get clients as an introvert 

This is a biggie for me. I waited so long to make this leap into starting my own business because I was afraid of networking, having to have difficult conversations with clients, and to have to “sell.” 

This sort of piggybacks on number 4, but part of creating a business on my terms was that I would only work with clients on cloud software. I wouldn’t need an office because everything would be virtual.  I had this dream almost 10 years ago. I knew it was coming. My introverted heart was so excited! 

In those 10 years I learned a lot more about being a leader, how businesses run, and finally felt almost ready to start my own business. 

And then I remembered I’d have to find clients [ewww networking] and also sell [ewwwwwww selling]. 

But turns out, selling doesn’t have to be sleazy, and it doesn’t really even need to feel like selling. I go into those conversations just ready to serve and get to know someone. 

And as for networking, it’s quite easy online with a little practice, and not too hard in person, if you just allow yourself to be open to conversations and opportunities. And see paragraph above: go into conversations just ready to serve and get to know someone.
Introverts are naturally good listeners. Listening skills are your friend. 

So are you ready to learn more? Have you been working on installing the 5 beliefs? That’s all you need to do. The HOW will come—whether you start with the Bookkeeper’s Bizkit, join in my group Mentoring: the Bookkeeping Business Accelerator or you find your own way. These 5 beliefs will help you be successful no matter the route you choose. 


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