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Episode 119: [NICHE] Accounting for Winemakers with Zane Stevens

niche Oct 10, 2023

In this NICHE series episode, I chat with Zane Stevens, a Director of Protea Financial. We delve into the challenges and opportunities that winemakers face when it comes to financial management and strategic decision-making.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • the value in having CFOs with a strategic background
  • why it’s important to have standardized procedures
  • how to better understand your Cost of Production & Pricing
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Zane

Zane Stevens is a Director of Protea Financial. Prior to joining Protea, he was Financial Manager at Syntell, and subsidiaries, in Cape Town, South Africa. Syntell is a leading blue-chip company with revenue in excess of $38m that provides cutting edge technology-based services for Road Safety, Traffic Management and Revenue Collection.

Before joining Syntell, Zane was a supervisor at KPMG in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, South Africa, where he led audit and financial and information technology advisory engagements.

Working with a broad host of clients, from owner-managed entities to large listed multinational companies, Zane obtained extensive experience in various sectors including automotive; public sector; food, drink, and consumer products; retail; healthcare and agriculture.

Zane is registered as a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He received an Honors Degree in Accounting from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where he also completed his undergraduate degree in Accounting.

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