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Episode 117: [SYSTEMS] Scrutinize with John Rea

systems Sep 26, 2023

In this SYSTEMS episode, I chat with John Rea - creator and founder of Scrutinize, an automated bookkeeping file review tool designed to assist bookkeepers in three main areas: evaluating inherited books, conducting monthly reviews, and performing quality assessments.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • the inspiration behind Scrutinize & a detailed look at its features
  • best practices for ensuring security when using cloud services
  • various use cases for implementing Scrutinize
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About John

My name is John. I grew in a small town in north Texas and moved to Austin at 17 with plans to be a rockstar guitar player. It turns out you actually have to practice to be a rockstar, so that fell through. After spending a few years idling about, I decided to get serious and finished my BA in Finance at St. Edward's University.

I spent most of my career in various roles across the accounting and finance functions, learning as much as I could about how to use data to drive more strategic decisions that led to better outcomes for the businesses I worked with. In 2018 I started my own fractional CFO and bookkeeping firm, which is where I ran into the idea that eventually became my current focus - Scrutinize - which is a platform we built to provide bookkeeping quality assurance by automating ledger reviews.

I still live in Austin, TX with my wife, son, and dopey Staffy.

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