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110 ⎸ [NICHE] Hospitality with Tyler Otto

niche Aug 08, 2023

In this NICHE series interview I chat with Tyler Otto, who specializes in the Hospitality industry — from his corporate days in Finance, he’s built a successful firm and is sharing some insights about growing a team and marketing his firm to get it off the ground.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • Tyler’s go-to market strategy to gain initial clients after he lost his corporate job during the pandemic
  • How he has attracted stellar team members & how his team is structured
  • How he’s been able to keep team morale up to retain talent
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Tyler

Tyler Otto is the owner of Specialty Bookkeeping, LLC, where he has developed a winning formula for an innovative, virtually based accounting and tax firm. His company leverages technology to simplify client’s financial processes, creating greater visibility into their financials and driving profit. He has extensive experience in the finance side of the hotel and tourism industry where he has also served as the Corporate Director of Finance with Imprint Hospitality in 2020.

Tyler has a passion for team development and promoting fun and collaborative cultures. He believes that a dedication to continuous improvement and learning is the backbone of any successful venture. His career has been focused on serving as a financial analyst and business partner, helping business managers make strategic decisions that will grow their business for years to come.

Tyler is a fanatic about making new relationships and collaborating with others on large projects. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Karen and two children. When he’s not geeking out in Visual Basic, he’s found in the woodshop doing any number of woodworking projects, or on his road bike.

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