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Episode 109: [NICHE] Travel & Tourism with Kirstin Reeder

niche Aug 01, 2023

In this NICHE series episode, I interview Kirstin Reeder, owner of Purple Sapphire Business Solutions - which specializes in Tourism & Travel companies. Listen in as we cover a wide range of topics for a smaller bookkeeping firm in this niche! Kirstin serves her clients with the help of a part time bookkeeper and only spends about 20 hours a week in/on her business, as she also homeschools her 4 school aged children (5 have already graduated!).

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • How Kirstin uses GoProposal to price her clients
  • The specific pain points seasonal businesses experience
  • How attending industry conferences has helped Kirstin become more of an expert in her niche
  • BONUS: I share an idea on how to help DIYers in her niche — that you can apply to your own industry as well!
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Kirstin

Kirstin is a Certified Digital Bookkeeper, Enrolled Agents, and Certified Tax Coach. She owns Purple Sapphire Business Solutions, which provides tax planning and preparation services to business owners and bookkeeping services to businesses in the travel and tourism industry.

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