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Episode 108: [NICHE] Anti-Niche with Dan Luthi

niche Jul 25, 2023

In this Niche Series interview episode, I talk with Dan Luthi, Partner at Ignite Spot Accounting. This epi is particularly interesting because Dan’s firm doesn’t have a niche! So we chat about all their unique strategies and the power of collaborating, investing, and advertising.

In this episode you’ll hear:
  • team structure and growth opportunities for employees
  • billing based on annual recurring revenue
  • streamlining workflows and managing platform updates
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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About Dan

Dan Luthi is a Partner at Ignite Spot Accounting. For over a decade, he has worked with small businesses throughout the United States to do excellent accounting and make it useful for each business owner’s life and employee. Dan’s current position focuses on his clients’ needs through process development, system management, customer care, and business development. In addition, being a member of Intuit’s Accountant Council, Intuit’s Payroll Council, Gusto’s Partner Accountant Council, a member of Accounting Salon, and Accountant Council have allowed him to directly share immediate client needs and feedback with their key providers. Each of these partnerships and several certifications will enable him to fulfill his joy of helping clients bridge the gap between accounting and personal goals.

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