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The tools and support you need to thrive in your role as a leader & CEO!

You Are A Leader...

  • In your home,
  • In your community,
  • In your firm,
  • In your industry, &
  • For the clients you serve.

Now it's time to become the leader you've always wanted to be in your life!


Are you ready to level up your leadership skills?

If growth and change feels scary...

I'm sure you can agree that when you level up and push through your fears and limiting beliefs that's where the magic happens.

🌟 You live your life by design and create a lasting legacy while you thrive!


Do you desire to feel more confident?

Learn the tools you can implement to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb so you can lead with confidence!

Do you need support with structure and strategy?

Let me help you implement appropriate systems for your business so you can watch your efficiency and productivity flourish!

Does implementing boundaries seem scary?

Let's design a strategy for setting your boundaries so you can steward your time and energy to make the biggest impact on those you serve.

Are you ready to cultivate an amazing culture & build your rockstar team?

Together we will design your custom blueprint so you can attract and hire quality team members.

I'm going to help you design your custom blueprint so you can level up and



I'll walk you through:

(Just to name a few)

  • Drafting your outline for creating a fabulous company culture

  • Designing a framework tailored to you and your business so you can attract and hire quality team members

  • Enhancing and leveraging your leadership skills

  • Working through your limiting beliefs so you can lead at your best

  • Maximizing performance from you and your team

  • Strategizing ways to help your team thrive and reach their potential while supporting the goals and values of your company

  • Grow your business while working smarter rather than harder

  • Operate with a CEO mindset

  • Understand your value

*Implementation, hard work, and dedication to obtain your desired results are completely up to you. However, if you are ready to have an experienced mentor support you as you create, develop, and implement, a strategy for growth I would love to help you design and implement your plan.

"Meriah’s leadership training absolutely exceeded my expectations...it was very thorough and really eye-opening."

The possibility of hiring a team has always been a bit scary for me as I have always been by myself within the company. I really needed to let go and hire correctly to create time and space for me to be in a leadership role. Meriah’s leadership training absolutely exceeded my expectations...it was very thorough and really eye-opening. It was also very collaborative and I loved the group work. Meriah is very easy to speak with and understand, and has a very calm demeanor. She is very knowledgeable and listens (like really listens) to what you want and need to really help you through the process of your goals. Now my company has grown well beyond my expectations!

BECKIE ROSENBERG, Balanced Office Solutions

Imagine how you'll feel

when you overcome your limiting beliefs, strengthen your leadership skills, gain clarity and design a strategy to accomplish your goals and thrive!


Plus You Get...

The Leadership Blueprint!

What's Inside

The Leadership Blueprint? 

The leadership blueprint is a 96 page guide/workbook combo packed with value to guide you on your journey as a successful leader and CEO. Including tips for hiring, successful CEO strategies, KPIs, Interview questions, Leading a team, Self-care, and Much more! 

"She saved me two weeks annually..."

Before Meriah’s leadership coaching, I was struggling to empower and manage my team effectively. I really just needed a better understanding of what direction to take the team in and what role I played in that. Meriah’s coaching was fantastic! She spent the time to really understand my business and what I was trying to achieve. I was so surprised at how much value she brought in such a short amount of time! I also absolutely loved the Leadership Blueprint she gave me. She saved me about two weeks annually by helping me see I was spending too much time in team meetings. I also was able to gain clarity over my org chart and how my team can actually manage each other. If you’re thinking about signing up, definitely do it! It is so beneficial and can definitely help take your leadership to the next level!

BROOKE SWAN, Clarity Bookkeeping

 Still Have Questions?

Let's make sure it's a good fit for us both.

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Kelli Bagby

Truly Bookkeeping, Inc.

Before Meriah’s leadership coaching, I felt like my thoughts were all over the place and I was overwhelmed with how to move forward as a leader. It consumed a lot of my brain space so I wasn't always present with my family. I felt paralyzed. I needed someone to lay out a path for me so I could follow along and do the work at each step, but I just didn't know what those steps should be. Working with Meriah gave me confirmation that my inclinations were good and should be listened to. I appreciated how personal the sessions were. The small group format allowed us to ask specific questions about our particular situation and get real time feedback from Meriah which was the most helpful. I also appreciated the time and energy that went into making all the materials that Meriah gave us—the step by step guide has been so helpful. Overall, Meriah’s leadership coaching is so valuable!

Kelsey Blackwell

Blackwell Bookkeeping

Before joining Meriah’s leadership coaching, I was looking for someone who could bring a different perspective to me. I had never been in this type of leadership role before and I didn’t have a clear vision of the direction I wanted to go for both myself and my business. I was beyond stressed. In the end, this program gave me the tools needed to get my brain in motion and figure out where I want to go. Meriah's leadership blueprint and hiring action plan completely blew me away. It was exactly what I was looking for - a plan that I could put in place to allow me to grow my company. Her ability to get me thinking on a deeper level and then consistently follow up with me was exactly what I needed. Meriah has the tools and experience to take your business to wherever you want it to go. If you have the ability to, make the time and get this done for your business. You will thank yourself in the long run.

Coaching Options:




  • 3 month commitment

  • 2 live group coaching calls/month via Zoom 
    🌟 Bonus
  • Leadership Blueprint

Single Session



  •  90 minute strategy session to outline your plan
  • 5 days of Voxer access following your session

    🌟 Bonus
  • Leadership Blueprint 




  • 3 month commitment
  • 2 private coaching calls/month via Zoom
  • Voxer access

    🌟 Bonus
  • Leadership Blueprint 

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Hi, I'm Meriah the Ambitious leadership coach. I am passionate about making an impact in the lives of those around me. I thrive on supporting others to live their lives to the fullest while also making the biggest impact in the lives of those around them. 

Values I live, lead, and coach by:

  • Integrity ~ My framework
  • Intentionality ~ Live life on purpose, with purpose, and by design
  • Impact ~ Make a difference
  • Empowerment ~ Encourage and support
  • Gratitude ~ 💙