The Bookkeeping Business Accelerator course is a step-by-step to jump-start your bookkeeping business coupled with real-time mentorship and support.


In this online course you will learn how to:

  • Structure your business so it’s legit
  • Setup your bookkeeping practice with the right tools
    (without the overwhelm of researching all the options)
  • Craft an engagement letter that protects you
  • Design your ideal practice that works with your desired lifestyle
  • Discover who your ideal client is and how to find them
  • How to close successful discovery calls
  • Price your services at what you’re worth, generating profit right away
  • Create workflows and learn how to scale, from onboarding to monthly client work

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Private Facebook Community

As part of this program, you get access to a one-of-a-kind supportive and uplifting Facebook community. In here, you'll get access to weekly live Q&As.

Limited Seats

We want to make sure you get the support and mentoring you need—so that means we're limiting the enrollment in the VIP group.

Self Paced Program

If you aren’t into doing group zoom calls and getting direct feedback and support, you can choose to go through the online course at your own pace. 

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What’s Inside The Bookkeeping Business Accelerator

Module 1: Goal Setting, Business Setup & Tech

We’ll go over how to setup your practice to match your goals and we’ll go over how to setup your business so it’s legally legit and protects you personally. 

You’ll also learn the tools of the trade that will help you leverage technology and start to scale.


Module 2: Pricing & Services

We’ll tackle that BIG question you have about what services to provide and how to price them


Module 3: Getting Clients

Yes, you’ll learn all the ways to find virtual (and local) clients, depending on where you want to take your practice. 


Module 4: Discovery (Sales) Calls

As a fellow introvert, I know the word “Sales” is scary. But my method will show you how to build trust and not feel salsey at all. We will only do what is *mostly* comfortable for you. There’s no way around it, though, you’ll have to get a little out of your comfort zone.


Module 5: Onboarding Clients

This module is pure gold. You’ll learn how to Onboard on Autopilot so that you can bring on clients while you sleep. Seriously. 


Module 6: Do the Work

We’ll tackle how to actually manage client work, develop workflows for the services you provide, and how to deliver the work to your clients consistently. Plus add a ton of value for them (some people call this “advisory services”).


But that’s not all..


BONUS: Hot Seat Calls

Twice (maybe more) we’ll have a group coaching session via Zoom where you can bring your burning questions to work through things together with the rest of the group. This can include transactional things (how to handle a certain transaction for a client) or practicing your Discovery Call questions (a role play, if you will). And everything in between.


BONUS: Weekly Live Facebook Q&A

This is a little different than the hot seat calls, but only because it’s in the Private Facebook group, so not as intimate. 


BONUS: The Bookkeeper’s Bizkit

All of the tools you get inside the Bookkeeper’s Bizkit will be available to you here.


BONUS: Private Ambitious Bookkeeper Facebook Community 

This private community is for Ambitious Bookkeepers only. You’ll get popup Q&As from me in a supportive and inclusive environment. No one will make you feel stupid here.

More BONUSES Coming: We're working to bring in a few other online business experts to round out your education, so stay tuned!

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Here's the Truth...

Sure, you could figure all of this out on your own. But why? So many have gone before you, and surely you’re ready to turn your accounting background into a money-making side-hustle, add a little to the family income, or even replace your full-time income and never return to work after maternity leave.  Your time is now.

Patricia Grimes, CPA

I was already in business when I found Serena’s programs, and I had quit my full-time job after my second baby because I didn’t want to miss anymore of my kiddos’ lives. 

I was struggling with confidence because I’ve always been able to rely on a boss to give me feedback and bounce ideas off of them. Being self-employed is a whole new experience—while exciting, it is lonely. The encouragement that I CAN do this has made the biggest difference.

Laura Watson, CPA
The Numbers Nomad

Holy sh**, I feel so much better about pricing and what I need to do going forward. Thank you! I found the minimum tiers on the pricing template to be very helpful. I’ve been jotting down what I “thought” I should charge and while I wasn’t far off, it gave some confidence and meaning behind my numbers.

Misa Ledguies 
Perfectly Kept Books

After much time wasted researching and procrastinating on starting my bookkeeping business, I stumbled across Serena's website one day and everything changed after that. Serena was the first person who spoke directly to me and the goals I have for my business. I immediately purchased her Bookkeeping BizKit (which is gold) and I finally had exactly what I needed all in one place to stop procrastinating and researching and get started. When she announced her program, Bookkeeping Business Accelerator, I immediately signed up to be notified whenever she launched. I absolutely enjoyed going through her program and came out more confident than ever to get my business going and gain some clients.  What I loved most about her program were the Hot Seat calls with her and other participants which provided so much added value that I don't see being offered by others. Serena is very kind and she knows her stuff! She has been a tremendous resource and mentor for me and I couldn't be more grateful for her. I have been able to land 5 clients with little to no marketing and I truly believe it is because I had Serena in my corner rooting me on.

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